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What are Archives?

  • •         a collection of historical documents or records
  • •         collections of papers, documents, and photographs (often unpublished or one-of-a-kind), and sometimes other materials that are preserved for historical reasons

Archives are primary source material. They are useful for social research, researching the history of institutions, local governance, estates and businesses.

The Archive Collection is held off-site so prior booking is essential. We offer access only, Archives cannot be reproduced or borrowed.

Kilkenny County Library does not employ an Archivist at present.

The main collections are as follows:.

(1) Board of Guardians and Rural District Council Records

  • Callan Board of Guardians and Callan Rural District Council
  • Castlecomer Board of Guardians and Castlecomer Rural District Council
  • Kilkenny Board of Guardians and Kilkenny Rural District Council
  • Thomastown Board of Guardians and Thomastown Rural District Council
  • Urlingford Board of Guardians and Urlingford Rural District Council
  • Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council
  • New Ross IDA Rural District
  • Waterford Rural District

Please note that the records do not contain lists of inmates.

You can download listings for the individual Unions by clicking the links below:

Kilkenny Board of Guardians.pdf (size 146.3 KB)

Callan Board of Guardians.pdf (size 128.4 KB)

Castlecomer Board of Guardians.pdf (size 129.3 KB)

Thomastown Board of Guardians.pdf (size 116.4 KB)

Urlingford Board of Guardians.pdf (size 114.2 KB)

Miscellaneous Board of Guardians.pdf (size 63.7 KB)

(2) Kilkenny County Council Records

  • Local Authority Records
  • Rent Books
  • Valuation Books
  • Manager’s Orders
  • Rate Books
  • County Library Records

(3) Kilkenny County Council Area Offices’ Records

  • Callan
  • Castlecomer

(4) Records ofCallanTownCommissioners

(5) Grand Jury Presentments and Schedules

You can download a listing for these by clicking link below:

Grand Jury Presentments.pdf (size 71.1 KB)

(6) Miscellaneous: The Library has various collections s of assorted Kilkenny related business records, a small collection of Estate records, various Indentures, Letters, Wills etc. Details available at the Local Studies' Department.