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The Sinnotts Cross ambush


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Author and Historian Eoin Swithin Walsh explores the second ambush that happened the same day as the Coolbawn Ambush that at Sinnott's Cross, Tubrid, Mooncoin, South Kilkenny.

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'The Sinnott's Cross Ambush took place in the townland of Tubrid, Mooncoin, on Saturday afternoon, 18th June 1921; coincidentally the same day as the Coolbawn ambush at the other end of the county. It was organised and executed by the Mooncoin companies of the 9th Battalion, Kilkenny IRA. The leaders of the ambush were Jack 'Na Culla' Walsh, Ted Moore, Pat 'the Builder' Walsh (Clogga) and Dick Brennan. 

On the day in question, a cycle patrol of RIC Black and Tans, that travelled from Fiddown RIC barracks to Clogga Creamery, were ambushed. One Black and Tan, 23-year-old Albert Bradford from Essex, was killed, and another constable, John Stewart from Scotland, was wounded. The IRA managed to escape successfully, while also cap turing a much sought after rifle.

Sinnott's Cross was the last major altercation between opposing forces in County Kilkenny during the Irish War of Independence. Find out what happened on the day and in the aftermath, in this podcast! '

Sinnott's Cross 2021


Sinnott's Cross Ambush 1921