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The final months of the Civil War


“Supported by the Department of Tourism,  Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023 initiative.”

In this podcast, author and historian Eoin Swithin Walsh details the final months of the Civil War in the Spring of 1923.

'The Irish Civil War officially ended on 24 May 1923, although the repercussions lasted for decades afterwards. In this podcast, we examine the final months of the Civil War and how it unfolded in Kilkenny. The conflict had a sting in its tail, as March 1923 turned out to be the deadliest month for Kilkenny combatants of the entire revolutionary era. A trip to the pub by two Kilkenny Free State soldiers in Wexford had fatal consequences, both being summarily executed. Thomas Mealy, an anti-Treaty IRA, was  killed in a shootout at the home of Jim Buggy in Ballyouskill. 

In April, the anti-Treaty IRA meeting that essentially brought the Civil War to an end was held in Poulacapple, just over the Kilkenny border near Mullinahone. The likes of Frank Aiken and Tom Barry were in attendance. The meeting was held at Egan’s. Jim Egan, one of the most active IRA fighters in the Callan area, was killed by Free State soldiers in the days before that fateful meeting. Find out these stories and more in this podcast. .'

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Cosgrave Poster - 1917 Kilkenny By-Election                     Thomas Mealey - Anti-Treaty IRA

 Cosgrave-Poster-1917-By-Election-Kilkenny                        Thomas-Mealey---anti-Treaty-IRA---killed-march-1923-in-Ballyouskil 

Memorial Erected by the people of Adamstown in memory of the deceased men courtesy WexfordCivil


New Jim Egan Memorial unveiled at his homestead 2023   courtesy Kilkenny Observer