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Guerrilla War returns to Kilkenny


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Author and Historian Eoin Swithin Walsh in this podcast talks about the resumption of guerrilla warfare this time, in the Civil War in Kilkenny.

Civil-War-Sept-1922--Guerrilla-war-returns-to-Kilkenny.mp3 (size 32.3 MB)

''A dark cloud hung over the country by the autumn of 1922. The deaths of both Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith in August were remembered with special Masses in Kilkenny. The ongoing Civil War moved from the big set piece battles in towns around the country, to a guerrilla type of warfare. Reminiscent of the War of Independence. Ambushes made a return, resulting in an increase in casualties. Seven young Kilkenny men died in September and October 1922 alone. This included the youngest fatality of the entire revolutionary period in Kilkenny, 16-year-old William Purcell from Paulstown, a Free State soldier who was accidently killed. Big homes were raided also, such as that of Major McCalmont's in Thomastown, now Mount Juliet hotel. Find out these stories and much more in this podcast. !'' 


Mount Juliet


Ellie Leahy                                     Mary Jo Commins              Ned Awylard

 Ellie-Leahy-Cumann-na-mban                   Mary-Jo-Commins-nee-Power     Ned-Awylard---,-OC-Kilkenny-Brigade-anti-Treaty-IRA-1922-23

Arthur Griffith (centre) at Kilkenny Castle