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Bookville Kilkenny 2021

Sunday 31/10/2021 09:00

The Kilkenny Library Service and Kilkenny Arts Office are working together again for the 5th year to celebrate books, writing, animation, illustration, comedy and all those magical things that come together to create a good story! 


This year, we are we are bringing back an action-packed Bookville Activity Book ,and adding a host on online videos for you to enjoy from the likes of Reuben the entertainer, Steve May, Sarah Webb, Cartoon Saloon, Reptile Village, and many more!

Packed with fun activities and beautifully illustrated, the activity book is based on books and illustrations from some of the best contemporary children's books.Over 12,000 copies have been sent to all the primary school children in Kilkenny. Limited Activity books are available through the libraries in Kilkenny and through Kilkenny Arts Office.

Further details are available on 

Click here to view the Bookville Festival Activity Book online. 

Click below to look at the videos: