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Land Records

Valuation Records

'Griffith's Valuation' c. 1852

This land valuation was carried out immediately after the Famine. Lay-out is by Barony>Civil Parish>Townland or Street in urban areas. It is available in both hard copy and microfiche.

You can now also access the valuation on the 'askaboutireland' portal site at

Information contained:

Name of occupier

Name of Landowner

Amount of Land held

Description of property

Plot number > This will refer to actual land holdling on the 'Griffith's Maps. These are available on line at or from the National Library of Ireland

There is a county-wide surname index available for Griffith's Valuation and more detailed surname indexes for each Barony.

Tithe Applotment Books c. 1827.

These record those who were liable to pay the Tithe Tax i.e tenth of income, for the maintenance of the Established Church in Ireland, i.e Church of Ireland. Any occupiers or owners of land in rural areas where liable to pay the Tithe regardless of religion. These are available online at

For genealogical purposes the main information contained is:

Name of occupier of land

Name of Landowner

Family occurrence in a townland at this time

Amount of land held by occupier at this time.

The Library also holds in microform a list of persons not compliant with the Tithe - Tithe Defaulters Lists.

Books of Survey and Distribution - 1664-1668

The Books of Survey and Distribution were collected at the end of the 17th century to establish a record of landowners in Ireland for the purpose of imposing rent (the Quit Rent). The Books incorporate information collected during earlier surveys - the Strafford, Civil and Down Surveys. Information contained:

the names of proprietors who forfeited their land under the Cromwellian Settlement of 1641

the amount and quality of land they held.

names of those to whom this land was granted, under various Acts between 1662 and 1703.

Layout is by Barony and Parish. Available in hard copy.

Census of Ireland - 1659

This was also compiled by Sir William Petty, was edited by Seamus Pender and published by the Dublin Stationary Office in 1939. It is not a true census, giving only the names of the titualodoes (those with title to land) and the total number of persons (English & Irish) resident in each townland. It arrangement is similar to that of the Civil Survey, but no descriptions of property are supplied. It's main use is for tracing sizable landlords. The whole Census for Ireland is in one volume and is available in hard copy.

Down Survey - 1655 - 1657

This is a similar to the Civil Survey, however it only lists forfeited lands. It is now available online at

There are a series of maps that accompany this survey - 'Down Survey Maps', these are available also at

Civil Survey - 1654

This Survey covers Land holdings and ownership after the Cromwellian settlement. Covers only Kilkenny City. This is available in hard copy. Information contained:

List of proprietors in 1641

List of dwellings etc.