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Census Records

The two censuses held are 1901 and 1911. Both are available in microform only in the Local Studies' Department

You can also access them on line on the website of the National Archives of Ireland at

  • A Census of population was taken every 10 years from 1821 to 1911. There was no census for 1921. The Free State held its first census in 1926
  • The destruction of the Public Records Office in 1922, means that only fragments of pre-1910 censuses survive.
  • 1901 and 1911 are arranged by townland and in urban areas by street

Census Information (Form A)





Education -read or write


Place of Birth

1911 only

numbers of years married

number of children born

number of children living

Additional Information (Form B)

Information on dwellings, class of house, number of rooms, agricultural buildings etc.

Census Reports

Contain statistical information only, not individual household returns, useful for demographic studies, 1821-1911

Pre 1901, there are no complete surviving household census records for Kilkenny, we have to use other 'census substitute' records mainly land valuations of various kinds.

Census Remnants

  • 1821 Census: This was lost in the 1922 burning of the Four Courts. However, transcribed sections for Kilkenny have survived for the Parishes of Aghlish, Portnascully, Pollrone, Clonmore, Fiddown, Kilmacow, Muckalee, Owning, Rathkieran, Tubrid, Tybroughney, Ullid and Whitechurch. A surname index for this area is also available.

Facsimiles of these are available.

  • 1841 Census: This was also lost in 1922. A transcript of the return for the parish Aghlish is all that survives for Kilkenny.

Available as a facsimile

  • 1851 Census: Also lost in 1922, a transcript of returns for the parishes of Aglish, Portnascully and Rathkieran is all that remains.

Facsimile of this is available.