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Healthy Ireland at your Library:Coping with Grief

10/05/21 14:00

Healthy Ireland at Your Library: Coping with Grief

 In our second webinar on 11th May at 7pm, , Breffini McGuinness, speaks about grief and coping with loss. He gives some important insight into the journey of grief and what supports are available to those who are grieving especially in these challenging times.
This is part of our Healthy Ireland at Your Library Talks Series, which continues this May with a series of online talks and webinars. This series will run every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm and touches on topics that are many of us might have felt challenged by, in recent times. Parents and guardians have faced challenges in relation with balancing work life,  home-schooling and home life. As we are all staying at home more often, are our homes as calm and organised as they could be? For those who have lost a loved one in the past 18 months, this loss has been heightened by the challenges of grieving in Covid time.

All talks are available from 7pm on the day of the event by clicking this link: Healthy Ireland Spring Series