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A Time to Reflect: Mindfulness for Children part 2

10/07/20 05:00

A Time to Reflect: Mindfulness for Children Part 2
Where is Happy?

Kilkenny County Council Library Service have developed a series of short wellbeing videos to help parents and children through this difficult time. Each Friday in July at 7pm, why not take time out and join us on our website or social media platforms. This is funded by Healthy Ireland, and is part of our Summer Stars Events.

Louise Shanagher is a child therapist, a psychology lecturer and a mindfulness teacher. She is also the author of Ireland’s first mindfulness series of books. The “Mindfully Me” series is available as part of our Healthy Ireland at Your Library collection which can be found in each of our library branches.

Video 2 : Where is Happy – in this second video, Louise reads her second book in the Mindfully Me series. She also shows us how to make a “Mind Jar”. A “mind jar” illustrates how our minds can get busy with lots of different feelings. What can we do to settle our minds?

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