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Coding and Digital Skills with Kilkenny Library

Introducing the Digital Skills Club for Children


We are delighted to inform you that our FREE online Coding Club with Coding Ireland using Scratch, - a visual programming language designed for children, - has now been expanded into a broader Digital Skills Club.

This new initiative will provide your child with access to the coding lessons, and now also lessons on robotics, and digital art & animation.

We are excited to offer your child an enhanced learning experience with the Digital Skills Club. We hope that they will enjoy exploring the new opportunities to expand their digital skills.

There are coding clubs for ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18.

Our aim is to offer a broader spectrum of digital skills that can help foster creativity and critical thinking. Children work through the lessons themselves, or with the support of a parent/guardian.

The lessons provide easy-to-follow tools for parents/guardians and children who want to learn how to code, create stories, games and animations.

Please note that there are no changes required for existing Coding Club Members. Your child's existing account has already been updated to include access to the Digital Skills Club.

The previous login details will continue to work, and you do not need to create a new account or make any changes to the current one. To access the Digital Skills Club, simply visit the login page and enter the following details: Username: [Username] Password: as previously set by you, or you can reset it here.

For new Digital Club Members

To sign your child up, parents/guardians need:

  • The club code (See below. This is also prefilled when you click on the link below)
  • Library card number (this is not mandatory)
  • Child's first and last name
  • Email address (of parent/ guardian)
  • Password
For 7-9 year olds

An adult will need to assist children in this age group.

Club code: kt403.

Follow this link: Get started (7-9)

10 -12 year olds

An adult may need to assist, although some children will be able to work independently.

Club code: nb486 

Follow this link: Get started (10-12)

13-15 year olds

An adult may need to assist, although most children will be able to work independently.

Club code: ho491

 Follow this link: Get started (13-15)

16-18 year olds

An adult may need to assist, although most children will be able to work independently.

Club code:  cm014 

Follow this link: Get started (16-18)

If you don't have a library membership already, you can sign up here.

Contact for more details.

This service is part of our OWL Literacy been made possible through the Dormant Accounts Fund.

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