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Spring into Storytime Programme


Spring into Storytime is part of a National Right to Read Initiative, which  is an annual programme to support literacy and reading development across local authorities and is led locally by the public library service. 

 Spring into Storytime aims to deliver systematic literacy support at local level, identifying a standard service offer and bringing together the knowledge and experience of skilled staff in local authority services and local agencies. 


Public libraries’ annual Spring into Storytime programme launched on April 1st and promises to bring the magic of Storytime to homes across the country. This year, Spring into Storytime is moving online again and we have a host of  virtual events and activities, all based around reading and listening to stories, which families can enjoy at home.

The programme provides an ideal opportunity for children to take time to enjoy a variety of stories through online storytimes by library staff and authors and experience reading as an activity which is fun, entertaining and allows families to share this happy time together.

See an outline of our events below, and watch this space!


Links will be live from the times  indicated.


Saturday 3rd April 11.30am: The Teeny Weeny Genie by Julia Donaldson

Wednesday 7th April 11.30am:Too Many Bubbles by David Gibb

Saturday 10th April: 11.30am: Catch the Egg by Lucy Rowland

Wednesday 13th April 11.30pm: Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs by Paula Metcalf

Saturday 17th April 11.30am: Recipe for a Story by Ella Burfoot

Sunday 18th April 7pm: Tales with Liz Weir, Storyteller

Wednesday 21st April 11.30am: Wide Awake by Rob Biddulph

Sunday 25th April 7pm: Storytime with Liz Weir

Wednesday 28th April 11.30am: The Pirate House by Rebecca Patterson

Saturday 1st May 11.30am: Socks for Mr. Wolf by Tatyana Feeney

Wednesday 5th May 11.30am: Don't Go to School by Máire Zepf

Saturday 8th May:Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals

Wednesday 12th May 11.30am: Lucy Goes to Market

Saturday 15th May 11.30am: For you are a Kenyan Child

Wednesday 19th May 11.30am: Little Monkey

Saturday 22nd May 11.30am: The Dead Zoo

Wednesday 25th May 11.30am: The Chronicles of Hamalot

Staff Crafts

Saturday 3rd April 10.30am: Butterfly Crafts

Wednesday 7th April 10.30am: Wild Garlic Pesto in 60 Seconds

Saturday 10th April 10.30am:Recycled Can Planters

Wednesday 13th April 10.30am: Farmyard Crafts

Saturday 17th April 10.30am: 3D Flower Craft

Wednesday 21st April 10.30am: 3D Floating Flower Craft

Wednesday 28th April 10.30am: Basket Craft

Saturday 1st May 10.30am: Caterpillar Craft

Wednesday 5th May 10.30am: Origami Butterfly Craft

Saturday 8th  May 10.30am:Sweetheart Unicorn Craft

Wednesday 12th May 10.30am: Memory Game

Saturday 15th May 10.30am:Seahorse Pencil Topper

Wednesday 19th May 10.30am: Easy Dandelion Tea

Saturday 22nd May 10.30am: Umbrella Craft

Wednesday 25th May 10.30am: Picture  frame craft

Saturday 29th May 11.30am: The Hungry Caterpillar


Wednesday 7th April 7pm: Garden Yoga

Wednesday 14th April 7pm: Farm Yoga

Wednesday 21st April 7pm: Bedtime Yoga

Wednesday 28th April 7pm: Spring Weather Yoga

Special Events:

Dolores Keaveney Saturday 24th April, 11.30am: Beelicious Cookery

Dolores Keaveney Saturday 29th May, 11.30am: All about Bees