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Right to Read


The Right to Read Programme is an initiative under Our Public Libraries 2022 to deliver more systematic literacy support at local level, identifying a standard service offer and bringing together the knowledge and experience of skilled staff in local authority services and local agencies.

Led by the County Librarian, the programme will strengthen existing relationships and build on the partnership approach in delivering literacy support. Right to Read will complement and support existing national strategies and initiatives, including the Department of Education and Skills’ National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy.

Each local authority will establish a local Right to Read Network. The Network will be led by the County or City Librarian and comprise representatives from local authority directorates that may have a role in literacy support as well as local agencies and organisations involved in developing or supporting literacy.

Structure of the Kilkenny Right to Read Network

  • Kilkenny Library Service
  • Kilkenny Education Centre
  • Kilkenny Childcare Committee
  • ETB/Wordaid
  • Kilkenny County Council Community Section