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The Capture of Ernie O'Malley - Inistioge - County Kilkenny


In the podcast below Historian and Authoe, Eoin Swithin Walsh discusses the capture of Ernie O'Malley, Inistioge, County Kilkenny.

'Ernie O’Malley was one of the most prominent individuals of revolutionary era Ireland. His famous memoir about his War of Independence experience, ‘On Another Man's Wound’, was hailed a classic by both the critics and the public alike. It was not so popular in Kilkenny, given his criticisms of the county's effort to the cause of independence. O’Malley had been sent to Kilkenny by Michael Collins and Richard Mulcahy in December 1920 in order to lead an attack on Woodstock House in Inistioge, which was southeast headquarters of the crown force Auxiliary Division. However, things did not go according to plan. This podcast delves into the infamous capture of O’Malley by the Auxiliaries and how the subsequent controversy raged for decades about who exactly was at ‘fault’ for his capture.'

Ernie-O-Malley-Capture-Inistioge-Kilkenny-1920---Eoin-Walsh-Podcast.mp3 (size 18.7 MB)

Auxilary-leads-blindfolded-prisoner-inside-the-front-entrance-of-Woodstock-autumn-1920   Auxiliaries-patrol-Inistioge-village-in-Autumn-1920--2

Colourised-picture-of-Woodstock-House---taken-early-1900s--HQ-of-the-Auxilaries-from-1920  The-ruins-of-Woodstock-House-today---the-building-was-set-alight-in-July-1922-during-Civil-War